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Church Table Linens - We offer special discounts for Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, & Non-Profits:

Church, synagogue, or mosque table linens are used by various religious groups to cover an altar. Most church table linens are white in color, symbolizing purity and holiness. However, there are some religions whose churches use table linens of different colors, such as the green inditia of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Because many altars are made of wood and are often ornate, altar cloth is commonly used to protect the altar surface. In other cases, the linen cloth serves to beautify the rather mundane construction underneath. Covering an altar with a table cover may also be a sign of respect towards the holiness of the altar.

The Roman Catholic Church and Anglican Church only recognize some table linen that can be used in their churches. Among these are the cere cloth, linen cloth, fair linen, and coverlet. The cere cloth protects the other linens from the dampness of a stone altar.

The linen table cover prevents the altar from being dented by heavy vases or communion vessels placed on top. The fair linen is the long, white linen cloth laid over the linen cloth. The coverlet is of the same length and width as the fair linen, and is left on the altar whenever it is not in use. It simply protects the altar from dust and debris.
In a sense, church table linens are very much similar to dining table linens. However, the role they play in the church’s religious rituals cannot be dismissed. Church table linen should therefore be treated with utmost care, reverence, and respect at all times.

Table Linens - Create the right impression the "first" time:

Table linens can make the right impact for any party setting and it's a good idea to "get it right the first time" whether at home or for a grand occasion. The way the event decor is set, the table linens used, and the overall arrangements all speak volumes about the host. Selecting the right linens thus, becomes important for it plays a major role in creating the desired ambience and helps in making the right impression.

For events like a fancy wedding tablecloths can be identified by their very appearance itself. Soft, smooth and well-textured is what you must look for. A neutral shade that is not overpowering but sets the stage for a grand evening is the ideal. Match the napkins with your table cloth. This is especially true in case of a formal occasion. However, for a semi-formal or a casual get together you have more freedom and can mix and match the napkins to create the desired effect. The table linens used should compliment the crockery and the rest of the table arrangement and only then would you have the perfect setting that makes you truly proud as a host/hostess.

For table linens to look elegant and stylish, there is a lot of care that goes on behind the scenes. If they are kept well, you can be sure that you have beautiful linens that would make you feel good for several years. After use, they must be cleaned and put away carefully.

Stains are a major threat to your table linens or table runners and thus, any little stain must be attended to immediately. Stains that are left to dry and not bothered about would make your linen their home and it is then almost impossible to get rid of them. Wash well, iron and fold them neatly before you store them. Dry and store in a well-ventilated place to avoid any musty smell or stains.

Starching your linens is another option that ensures that they stay crisp and fresh. There are specially designed storage kits for linen that are easily available online at very good prices. When you use your linens over and over, make sure that you take care of them properly as this will ensure that your beautiful linen stays in good condition for many years to come.

For formal and grand parties like that of a wedding, the table setting plays an important role. With some thought and creativity you can make the tables look extremely beautiful and provide just the right backdrop for your centerpiece. The wedding day is your special day and you surely want it to be one that everyone enjoys and appreciates. With a few additions like satin ribbons, colorful table runners or beautiful napkins you can add a wonderful effect to your table linen.

A beautifully decorated table is one that adds to the décor and enhances the overall appearance and ambience. Thus, you definitely need to spend some time deciding the looks and effect that you wish to create. Good table linens however, do not mean expensive linens. Shop are our online store and you will find linens that are easy on your purse and top quality for the price you pay.